About Asia Pacific Foot & Ankle Council

Asia pacific Foot & Ankle Council is a section of the Asia Pacific Orthopaedic Association (APOA), an association comprising twenty-four orthopaedic member associations from Asia Pacific countries. Foot & Ankle Council was established in 2016 to disseminate knowledge and current practices of Foot and Ankle surgery, foster partnerships and contacts with societies and surgeons, encourage research, and promote the exchange of ideas within the Asia Pacific Region.

APOA Foot & Ankle Council has eleven members, while the council’s executive committee has twenty-one representatives from member countries. A team of enthusiastic council and executive members has shouldered the mission to establish foot and ankle orthopaedics as ‘The Specialty of Orthopaedics’ in the Asia Pacific world. The Foot and Ankle section has been actively and regularly organising and conducting courses and conferences during this period and will continue to do so.

Under the auspices of APOA, the Foot and Ankle Section will continue to devote its efforts towards encouraging membership, greater involvement in dispensing knowledge and coalescing the Orthopaedic surgeons interested in Foot and Ankle conditions into a fraternity.

We welcome all Foot and Ankle specialists and interested orthopaedic surgeons to become members of the APOA Foot and Ankle Section and help foster and strengthen this burgeoning community and the speciality.