Welcome to the Foot and Ankle Section.

The speciality of Foot and Ankle continues to grow around the world. It has not only become well accepted but also well established. In recent years, the combination of a better understanding of foot and ankle pathologies, the introduction of newer implant and instrumentation, and the evidence from basic and clinical research have contributed to this speciality's advancement and exponential growth.

To assure dissemination of the knowledge, current surgical standards and research in foot and ankle speciality to the Asia Pacific region's practising and upcoming surgeons is the avowed mission of our section.

The Foot and Ankle section and it's Executive and Council members are from across the rich tapestry of the Asia Pacific region. We are all firmly committed to serve the Orthopaedic surgeons of this region and collectively will endeavour to establish optimal foot and ankle surgical practices, an equitable knowledge base and a free exchange of ideas.

We welcome all Foot and Ankle specialists and interested orthopaedic surgeons to become members of the APOA Foot and Ankle Section and help foster and strengthen this burgeoning community and the speciality.

Mission Statement

The Foot and Ankle section of the APOA was established after the Melbourne Meeting in 2016. The vision is to disseminate knowledge and current practice of Foot and Ankle surgery, foster partnerships and contacts with societies and surgeons, encourage research and promote the exchange of ideas within the Asia Pacific Region. To realise these goals, the Foot and Ankle section has members both in the Executive and the Council representing the member states of the APOA. The objective is to have a voice from all corners of our diverse region.

The Foot and Ankle section has been actively and regularly organising and conducting courses and conferences during this period and will continue to do so. The focus is to promote a basic and advanced understanding of Foot and Ankle pathology and surgical techniques.

The Section now has a dedicated website, and members have access to previous recordings of the courses and other educational material. In addition, it posts every fortnight a case of the week submitted by Foot and Ankle surgeons from the region.

Under the auspices of APOA, the Foot and Ankle Section will continue to devote its efforts towards encouraging membership, greater involvement in dispensing knowledge and coalescing the Orthopaedic surgeons interested in Foot and Ankle conditions into a fraternity.